Fragrant Meditations

Escape to another world, relax and unwind.
Sometimes, nothing can be more relaxing or healing than stopping the mind of chatter and forgetting about your cares, even if it is just for a moment. By combining aromatherapy fragrance, story and imagery, each one of Amayori’s products will take your mind, body, and spirit, on a journey.
When browsing through our aromatherapy fragrance collections you will find beautiful images as well as a story of the east that describes the inspiration, mood, and purpose of that particular fragrance. Each one of Amayori's fragrance stories is made to be an inspiration and also a meditation. When you are using any of our products, allow yourself to connect to its fragrance story as well as the images from that fragrance. Shut your eyes and and let yourself be transported while you relax. This is a simple and effective way to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and let your mind rest.
In each box you will find a small piece of rice paper on which the fragrance story of that product is told. Use this story as an escape. Let yourself drift to another place and completely forget about your cares of the day.