Our Approach to Aromatherapy

Luxury Aromatherapy, Amayori

At Amayori we believe strongly in vibrational energy and the use of plants, including their essential oils, as a catalyst for a more fulfilled, calm, beautiful life.

Natural plant essences hold Qi, or, life force. Wearing essential oils on the body and using them for self-care not only provides a pleasant aromatic experience, but subtly affects the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. The Qi held in essential oil has the power to change our lives on multiple levels.
Using the most exquisite essential oils from across the globe, Amayori's aromatherapy fragrances possess the beauty and attention to detail of classical perfumery while harnessing the healing power of aromatherapy. All of our fragrances are made from natural plant essences - we never use synthetic fragrance. Each oil is acquired from our trusted sources and is of the highest quality available. Each fragrance is made by hand in small batches in our loft. 
Luxury Aromatherapy 2, Amayori
Each one of Amayori’s fragrances are inspired by Japanese bathing rituals and are designed to take your mind, body, and spirit on a journey east. Through each blend we capture the beauty, mystery, and the exotic nature of these eastern rituals so that you can experience the same level of relaxation on a daily basis.