Amayori Cherry Blossom Mood Spray

Seasonal Limited Edition - Cherry Blossom Sake Mood Spray

$ 39.00

1.7 fl oz

Available for a limited time. Cherry Blossom celebrates the happiness of the warmer months and is a reminder of life's fleeting beauty. With notes of Tuberose, Green Mandarin, and Vanilla, the Cherry Blossom Ritual is a feminine, slightly fruity floral with seductive base notes that captures the essence of the cherry blossoms and exudes joy and happiness. 

The Ritual: Shake well and mist the air before beginning a bath or shower and allow the steam to create a luxurious aromatic experience. As an aromatic body spray, mist all over your body after your bath or shower focusing on the arms, shoulders, and collarbone. Perfect for layering with our Hikaru Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil. Use throughout the day as refreshing spray for the neck and shoulders. Allow the fragrance to envelope and inspire you. Breath deeply and be in the moment.

Also for use in the home, Sake Mood Spray can be used as a room spray, pillow spray, and linen spray. Perfect for any time you want to evoke mindfulness and beauty. Sake Mood Spray is also known to dot desks and offices and is perfect for a mid-day refresher. However you choose to use it, be sure to stop, breath, and enjoy.

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