Luxury Body Wash, Zen Morning, Amayori

Zen Morning Luxury Body Wash

$ 35.00

118 ml / 4 fl oz

Experience: Mindful energy, inspiration, happiness, and refreshment.

The Fragrance: Inspired by the perfect morning enjoying an asa-buro or, morning bath, during a moment of solitude at a traditional Kyoto inn. A fresh and uplifting blend that includes uplifting Sicilian blood orange, bitter orange grapefruit and lime. A touch of invigorating Japanese mint and black pepper bring energy and expansion.

The Product: This lush, sodium lauryl sulfate free yet highly foaming formula will leave your skin soft and smooth.

The Ritual: For an aromatic shower experience place a nickel sized amount into your palm or our Open Weave Washcloth. Starting at the collar bone, massage into the skin while breathing deeply. Make your way down to the feet and back up again. 

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