How to Take a Summer Bath

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Many people associate taking a bath with winter. I also love taking baths in summer. Summer is about being in or near water; the ocean, swimming, etc. A soak in a bath is an easy way to commune with water so that you don’t have to wait for those weekends when you hit the beach. If you’re thinking that it’s too hot to take a bath in summer, think again.
I begin my summer bathing ritual as always, by dry brushing with a Japanese style dry brush. I continue with Amayori’s Mood Spray and then take a quick shower to cleanse just as is done in traditional Japanese bathing rituals. Afterwards I fill up the tub. Once full I add a package of Amayori's Fragrance Ritual Bath Salts. The key to the perfect summer bath is twofold: 1) the water should be warm, not hot, and 2) keep a cold glass of ice tea or water within arm’s reach. These days my cold beverage of choice is chilled green tea with lemon. If you are caffeine sensitive and bathing at night try cold roasted barley tea (mugicha). Unlike hot winter baths you won’t overheat. I find summer baths so pleasurable that it’s hard to get out and get back to reality sometimes.


This is the true spirit of the Japanese word “yusuzumi” – enjoying the cool of the evening after a hot summer’s day.


I hope this inspires you to try a summer bath – there is something so special and very calming about them. Just one more thing to love about summer.


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