Fragrant Meditations | Using Amayori's Stories and Images For Relaxation


Just a few years ago I was working in New York's real estate market and Amayori was a new dream that I was just beginning to manifest. It was a very exciting, beautiful time for me. I had begun the journey of my life's work and every day brought new ideas and adventures. Thankfully, this has never changed to this day.

The first fragrance that I created was Hinoki Onsen. When I had been traveling in Japan an inn keeper in Gion gave me a small bottle of hinoki oil. If you have tried our best selling fragrance, Hinoki Onsenor ever smelled true hinoki, you know that it is relaxing magic. Hinoki baths quickly became my first bathing ritual.

I was half way between Amayori and the world of real estate. One particular evening I came home after a long day with clients. I had been going all day which meant my feet ached and my mind..... well lets just say it was going faster than a mile a minute. I filled a bath, added a few drops of hinoki oil and slipped in and shut my eyes. All I could think about was the deal I was trying to close and the people I needed to email later that evening. I was honest with myself and recognized that I didn't want to think about anything. I wanted to "check out" and be somewhere else and let my mind rest. I didn't want to breath deeply, or think about a mantra (though I normally love both of these), I just wanted to relax into another world. And so I did.
At that moment a very important part of Amayori was born. The stories. As you know if you have browsed the site, each fragrance tells a story. That particular night I wanted nothing more to be in a beautiful, exotic indoor onsen bath in Japan. And I knew just the perfect onsen as I had put aside a beautiful photo of one earlier that week. So, that is where I went - mentally, at least. It was so easy to picture this. I imagined myself sitting in this particular onsen and relaxing. My mind calmed down and was completely absorbed in this vision. Having this beautiful focus was effortless. I didn't want the experience to end - it was completely absorbing.
Each one of Amayori's fragrance stories is made to be an inspiration and also a meditation. When you are using any of our products, allow yourself to connect to its story as well as the images from that fragrance. On each fragrance page we have captured a gorgeous image that we feel expresses the mood of the fragrance. In each box you will find a small piece of rice paper on which the fragrance story of that product is told. Use these images and stories as an escape from reality. Let your mind. body, and spirit drift to another place and completely forget about your cares of the day. 
When we are children our imaginations are a way to travel through time and space. Why not harness this beautiful tool as an adult, which is when we probably need it most?
Warm wishes,