How to Stay Motivated and Inspired with Your Workout Routine

Francoise Decatrel

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start or step-up an existing workout routine. It seems everyone is charged up in January and excited to be their best-selves. But what to do after the rush of a new year starts to dwindle? Below are my tips for keeping yourself inspired and excited about exercising.

Choose a method that works for you:

I hate gyms. I always have. I also can’t get into all the popular new barre classes. I find these them to be too loud and chaotic. Although I know they work, it’s just not my thing. I like quiet and calm. After years of searching of exercise methods that I feel fit my personality I have settled on Pilates and Ballet Beautiful. Both are challenging and have a vibe that works for me.

Find a method that suites you. Some people love the bustle of a gym or a spinning class. Pick something that has a vibe that make you feel comfortable and inspired. If you look forward to the atmosphere, this will motivate you to keep going. There is such an amazing selection of exercise methods. With a little research, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Don’t pick something just for the sake of exercising. Find something that is an extension of yourself and that you truly enjoy and look forward to. 

Wear Clothes that Inspire You:

Find workout clothes that make you feel pretty and pulled together. When you look at yourself, you’ll feel better. I went through a phase where I worked out in clothes that should have been used as old rags. I felt “blah” every time I put them on. I then set out in building my exercise wardrobe. I wound up with a nice selection of dance inspired workout clothes. Even though I only wear them a couple hours a day, I feel good when I put them on and that is a huge motivator.

Amayori Move


A pre and post workout ritual sets the tone for a more mindful exercise program. This led to Amayori’s new limited edition set, Move. I love misting my shoulders with Zen Morning Aromatic Sake Mist before I begin stretching out. It energizes me and creates a beautiful environment. Taking this moment is a small reminder that I am doing this for myself. It makes the experience a treat as opposed to something onerous.

After working out I can’t live without Rotenburo Air Aromatic Sake Mist. This gives me my energy back and is a perfect to use as a body mist if you don’t have the opportunity to shower right away. When I mist this on myself, I feel as if all my tiredness is quenched. I always use this moment to thank myself for a job well done.

Treat Yourself After Your Workout:

I like to enjoy a cup of good tea after I workout. This is my transition into my workday. Treat yourself to something healthy such as green juice, or a smoothie with protein. Be mindful of this moment and enjoy how good you feel both emotionally and physically.

I am looking forward to a healthy year and hope that you’ll join me on a path of consistent exercise and eating right. Remember, if you have a bad day or even a bad week, don’t be hard on yourself. The past is the past. Let it go and move forward in a positive direction. Every day is an opportunity to be our best selves and the best time to start is now.

Warm wishes,