How to Take a Japanese Bath at Home (Part 2): The Ritual of the Bath

How to Take a Japanese Bath at Home, Part 2 , Amayori

I have written before on how to set up for the Japanese bath at home, which outlines helpful first steps in creating the mood for a tranquil, meditative environment. This is such an important part in Japanese bathing and creating an experience as opposed to an everyday bath. To read that journal entry, please click here.

Today I want to focus on the actual ritual of bathing. This is wisdom I learned along the way and continue to experience during my travels to Japan. Bathing in this manner can be a life-changing tool that can help you achieve a more calm, fulfilled, balanced life. Though I love the idea of bathing on a daily basis for relaxation, be realistic about what works for you. Perhaps it’s once a week, or late at night before bed… make time for yourself. The relaxation you will feel after the bath, and in the days that follow, is well worth it.

Step 1 – Set Your Intention: Take a moment to focus on your desired results. This can be relaxation, renewal, or to simply let go of the cares of your day. In each box of Amayori’s products, you will find a small slip of rice paper that tells the story of the fragrance you are about to use. These stories are meant to be a guided meditation and a way to help you escape with your imagination. Take a moment to connect with this story, and allow your soul to be taken on a journey.

Step 2 – Shower First: This is one of my favorite aspects of Japanese bathing. As the bath is for relaxing and soaking, a quick shower is taken to wash the body prior to immersing yourself into the tub to soak. I love the blissful experience of using Amayori’s Aromatic Body Wash with the same fragrance of a soak.

Step 3 – The Soak: Slip into the bath and let go of your cares of the day. Keep in mind this is a time and place to regain your balance. If thoughts from the day creep up on you, try not to judge yourself. Just let them come in and let them go. If you need something to focus on, again, connect with the story from your chosen fragrance. I also find Amayori’s Music Playlists very helpful for relaxing deeper into this ritual.

Take as long as you'd like. You can savor a long, intensive soak with The Shizumi Luxury Bath Salts, or a 15-minute soak with The Daily Transformation Soaking Salts. To explore all of Amayori’s Soaks and their unique benefits, take a peek at our Soak Guide.

Bathing is a wellness tool that almost everyone has access to. Relax, and enjoy yourself, while you experience a moment of Japanese beauty and the tranquility of Japan’s time-honored wisdom.

Warmest wishes,