The Amayori Sento — Mindfulness

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

The Healing Power of Water

Without water there is no life. It is such a beautiful thing that something so basic and simple could be something so luxurious. There is not much that is more soothing, healing and relaxing than a swim in the ocean, a cool glass of water during summer, a hot steamy bath on a cold winter’s day, or a languorous shower before bed. Submersing yourself in water seems to make our troubles disappear. We are enveloped and soothed. A wave of calm washes over us and all seems to be well with the world. Physically, water quenches us, makes our skin beautiful and allows our bodies to move freely with ease. This simple, beautiful luxurious resource is at our fingertips every...

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Mindful Mantras for Positivity & Tranquility

I have to admit that the cold weather can get to me sometimes. This winter I intend to do everything I can to stay calm and positive. I put together some uplifting, positive mantras that I printed out and hung over my desk. I firmly believe reading and saying mantras and affirmations such as these can change your mood and your day.   Above are the mantras I am using right now. Feel free to print these out, share, Pin, Tweet, save to your phone, etc. Use them however is helpful. I hope that they bring beauty and stillness into your day.   Warm wishes,  

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Meditating In the Shower - My Shower Ritual

  I have always had an on / off relationship with what I call “proper” meditation. Though I have studied it and practiced it over the years, I have to admit that there are moments when I just can’t get into it. Like many, I find it hard to quiet my mind, especially when there are hundreds of wonderful things I could be doing.     When I was traveling in Japan and was introduced to bathing rituals, I felt like I had found my home. Bathing in Japan is considered a form of meditation and is treated as such. At the same time, it’s effortless. Being surrounded by water is calming, healing, and relaxing. With intentional bathing, it’s almost...

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How To Have a Beautiful & Mindful Workday

  Life doesn’t stop. The purpose of learning relaxation techniques whether it be relaxation through bathing rituals, yoga, or meditation, is to take the tools that we learn and bring them into “real life”.   One of the biggest challenges most of us face is bringing this sense of well-being into the workplace. Following are my favorite ways to bring a sense of beauty and mindfulness into my workday. Even the tiniest changes have huge results. Bring at least one of these rituals into your day and experience how much better the day flows.   Make Your Space Yours: Bring in a few things for your desk that comfort you. It can be as large or small as your office...

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