The Amayori Sento — Relaxation

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

Easy After-Work Rituals To Calm & Quiet the Mind

Everyone has workdays where they are going full speed. One of the biggest challenges at the end of the day is turning off your work mode and relaxing enough to separate this form your home life. Over the past year I have developed rituals for myself that allow me to quickly and easily transition from work to home mode. I look forward to these rituals all day and I always know I have them to look forward too. I suppose they are my healthier version of the evening cocktail. In Japan there is a beautiful custom of removing one shoes before entering the house. Most traditional Japanese homes have a step or ledge that is either higher or lower than...

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Asa Buro: The Morning Bath

Most people in Japan tend to bathe at night. A morning bath is a rare thing and is usually done when vacationing at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) or an onsen hot springs resort. Among the Japanese, the asa buro is considered the ultimate luxury in ryokan bathing. I rarely take morning baths myself but it is slowly becoming part of my Sunday mornings. It is easy to see why a morning bath is seen as being so luxurious. It really is a wonderful thing to do for yourself when you can carve out an extra early 40 minutes or so. The energy of the early day brings a feeling of a calm peacefulness. Even better if you are...

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Yusuzumi, a Summer Evening Ritual

If you were with us last year you may remember the word yusuzumi. This was the theme of our 2015 beloved Summer Breeze collection. The tradition of yusuzumi is so special that I love revisiting it every year. The meaning of yusuzumi is to enjoy the cool of the evening after a hot summer day. Japanese summers are notoriously hot and humid and yusuzumi is a relaxed reprieve from the heat. A favorite summer Japanese tradition of mine is taking a warm (not hot), early evening bath and then relaxing with a glass of sake or cold green tea. Right now I am obsessed with Amayori's Okinawa Luxury Bath Salts. I just slip into the bath and imagine that I'm at the beach with the...

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Discover Ambrosial Ofuro

In Japan a daily bath is akin to the western yoga class or perhaps a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax after work. The tubs that are in most Japanese homes are called ofuro. These tend to be a bit deeper than the standard Western tub. When I started working on Amayori's new fragrance, Ambrosial Ofuro, I wanted to make something special that could be used everyday to relax whether it be through a bath, shower or just a few moments of enjoying Aromatic Sake Mist across the shoulders. The result is a luscious fragrance that is such special treat that I look forward to using day after day. Discover a few of the ingredients...

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Sunday Evening Rituals

   There is something about Sunday evenings that is calm and serene. They are a time to wind down and connect with ourselves. Sunday evenings are a time to make peace with the past week while recharging ourselves for the new week ahead. I have always had Sunday evening rituals. Since traveling to Japan and discovering bathing rituals, my Sundays have become even more special and have been focused on my mind, body, and spirit.My Sunday evening ritual begins with an extensive dry brush session before a long soak in the bath with Amayori's Onsen Ritual Bath Salts. The Onsen Ritual is aromatherapy for deep, meditative relaxation. A bath with this aromatherapy fragrance relaxes me like nothing else. Hinoki essential oil, the main ingredient...

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