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A New York City Walk in the Woods

  The other day I was walking around New York with a good deal on my mind. I though it would be wonderful if I could go for a long walk in the woods to think and sort through my thoughts.   Manhattanites  have Central Park, which is lovely, but not what I had in mind. What I needed was a walk in solitude surrounded by the tress, smells and stillness of a forest.   Then I thought of a fabulous idea: a bath made with essential oils that come from various tress.    That evening I created the most wonderful scent using Hinoki (Japanese Cypress - my favorite), White Pine, and Atlas Cedar essential oils. I blended these with...

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Embracing the Beauty of Uncertainty

One of the things that I decided to work on in 2015 was my fear of the unknown.   Rather than look at this fear as something I need to "fix" within myself, I am putting a positive spin on it and am learning to embrace the time and space when I am not quite sure what is going to happen or when things are going to happen.   I've heard it said that if you don't want to feel fear, stay in your comfort zone. We all know what happens when you stay in your comfort zone - not much. If we strive to grow we must step into the unknown. At times this can be unsettling.   One...

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How To Have a Zen Morning

    Most of us are not morning people. Like many, I used to cringe and pull the blanket over my head when the alarm rang. Over the course of many years this has changed. I now wake up around 6:00 AM naturally and it is my favorite time of day.   The tools and tricks that I’ve learned are a culmination of various beauty and wellness practices. I've used these bits and pieces to create my morning ritual.   Following is my routine. Either try these in this order or pick and choose what works for you. Either way, do it with the intention of ritual and greeting the day.   Ground Yourself: When you wake up in the morning,...

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Too Good Not To Share: Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

  Early winter is persimmon season in Japan. Persimmons, also called hoshigaki, are commonly given as gifts to friends. Many countryside houses feature their own persimmon tree. This delicious fruit is a great way to experience an edible part of Japanese culture. Below is a persimmon and pomegranate salad I made over the weekend. Delicious and healthy. Too good not to share!   Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad: 1 ripe (must be very soft) persimmon Seeds of one pomegranate (put into a bowl for at least 20 minutes. Save the juice for the vinaigrette.) 2 cups arugula 2 cups field greens A handful of spiced pumpkin seeds (olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic. Roast at 325 for 15 minutes or so) Goat...

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Staying Grounded During the Holiday Season

  It all starts with Thanksgiving. The food. Then the shopping and the social obligations. It is so easy to get disconnected and off track during the holidays. We are all super busy and wind up eating foods we normally steer clear of, not to mention all of the alcohol we tend to consume. Following are five tips to help you stay grounded amidst the excitement of the holiday season. Re-connect with Yourself Every Morning: I like to do this when I first wake up. When you wake up, take a moment and capture your soul. Our minds are clear and calm early in the morning. Take a few deep breaths and set your intentions for the day. No matter...

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