Aromatic Experience Sample Set, Amayori

Sensorial Journey Sample Set

$ 25.00

We understand that scent is a very personal choice. To help you explore our fragrances we are pleased to offer our Sensorial Journey Sample Set.

This set is a wonderful way to get to know each Sensorial Journey on an intimate level. Each vial is accompanied by a slip of rice paper that tells its story and inspiration. This set is perfect for travel and can be tossed in your bag and used throughout your day.

The Sensorial Journey Sample Set Contents:

All vials are the strength of our Botanical Perfume Oil in a rice bran oil base. Each vial is filled 3/4 of the way due to concentration. 

  • The Geisha Ritual (Strength & Self Possession)
  • Dreams of Gion (Peaceful, Restorative Sleep)
  • Ambrosial Ofuro (Everyday Relaxation)
  • Hinoki Onsen (Deep, Meditative Relaxation)
  • Zen Morning (Mindful Energy)
  • Rotenburo Air (Rejuvenation)
  • Seasonal fragrance sample when available.

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