Dreams of Gion

 Peaceful, Restorative Sleep
Aromatic Experience: Evoke a journey to Gion and enjoy a relaxing evening soak at a beautiful Japanese inn. Experience calming of the mind and body, a sense of peace, ceasing of mental chatter, relief from stress, peaceful restorative sleep.
Fragrance Type: Citrus-Floral Oriental


After night falls in Gion, this small historic city quiets down and becomes a calm, magical place. The finest of Gion’s ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) contain beautiful ofuro baths in or attached to each room. A long, hot soak is the perfect way to end the evening. Stillness and peace of mind are assured. Everything around you feels beautiful and calm.

Allow Dreams of Gion to transport you to a private ofuro bath. Let this aromatic experience calm and quiet your mind before bed and help you have a peaceful sleep with its exotic, alluring fragrance. Japanese Yuzu relieves stress and will help you relax. Green, Yellow Mandarin and Lavender will help calm the mind while Ylang Ylang oil evokes the mystery of the night while bringing about a peaceful sleep. As you begin to wind down look forward to sweet dreams ahead. 

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