Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil

Soothe . Nourish . Relax

What if.........your bath was your sanctuary? Imagine a place where you could nurture yourself- a special place where you could relax and reconnect with your body and soul. 

Envision submersing yourself into a bath that envelopes you in a silken cocoon of light-weight moisture and otherworldly fragrance. Relax deeper with every ambrosial inhale. With every exhale, your cares and worries slip away. Linger in this state of sensory bliss while you breathe deeply and let go.

When you exit the bath, you are renewed. Your skin is perfectly quenched, nourished, and glowing. An aromatic veil, reminiscent of silk gauze, caresses your skin- a fragrant reminder of this very special moment.