The Geisha Ritual

Strength and Self-Possession

 Experience: Inner strength, confidence, self-possession, and assurance. Feel at-ease and nurtured.

The word Geisha translates to “arts-person”. Beyond their physical beauty, these are strong, intelligent, accomplished women who manage to be the epitome of artistic talent, grace and beauty. Perhaps the geisha’s confidence comes from their daily bathing rituals. Each day, special time is taken to nurture one’s self. In a world where they are constantly extending themselves outwards and catering to others, this daily moment of self-nurturing and self-reflection is essential. 

Allow the Geisha Ritual to nourish and strengthen you with its exotic, feminine aromatherapy fragrance. Bergamot soothes while it allows you to let go. Mandarin uplifts the spirit. Jasmine nourishes, brings your emotions into harmony and creates a state of euphoria. As you experience your ritual, know that you are your own work of art – a combination of intelligence and beauty that can accomplish anything you set out to do while maintaining grace and composure.

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