The Kasumi Body Misting Essence

(a mood-shifting, hydrating, skin-nurturing mist)
Kasumi is a Japanese name that means mist. Inspired by the balmy mists that often linger over Japan’s hot springs, the Kasumi Body Misting Essence will nourish and soothe your skin while it transports your soul through botanical fragrance.
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Use this moment of self-care to be present and breathe deeply while you allow your body to be enveloped in a gossamer mist of some of Japan’s most time-honored skincare ingredients: softening sake, restorative sencha green tea, soothing antioxidant-rich gobo root, healing yomogi (Japanese mugwort), and nourishing wakame sea kelp. In addition, aloe vera heals and calms the skin while adding a sheer veil of weightless hydration.
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This healing mist makes all body care more effective. Use the Kasumi Body Misting Essence after a bath or shower to infuse the pores with nutrients and nourish the skin, improving its wellbeing instantaneously and nurturing it over time. Adding this important step to your body care routine creates the perfect canvas for moisturizers and oils, and is ideal for layering with our Hikaru Multi-Use Oil.
This mist is the missing piece in our body care routines and is a way to stop and create space for yourself to pamper your body’s skin in a beautiful, ritualistic way. The Kasumi Body Misting Essence can also be used as bookends to any self-care ritual. A few mists on the shoulders and a deep inhale is the perfect way to step out of the day-to-day and experience the otherworldly mists of Japan’s beautiful hot springs.