Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual

Grace, Beauty, & Elegance 

Seasonal Limited Edition For Winter 2015 / 2016

 Fragrance Type: Soft Floral 

The Snow Ritual tells the story of Tsuru, the beautiful and always elegant Japanese Red Crown Crane. Known through the east as a symbol of luck, happiness, and longevity, the Tsuru carries itself with the elegance and grace of a ballerina.  The Tsuru is also distinguished as one of the few animals that partner with their mates for life – often over 60 years. Hence they are a popular symbol used in the design of formal wedding kimono and gifts.
During the winter, the Tsuru’s mating season, their red crowns become brighter to attract their partner’s affection. Their courtship rituals revolve around a graceful dance performed in the winter, usually in fields of snow. The Tsuru move with an ethereal elegance that is mesmerizing and as entrancing as a classical ballet. These beautiful and thoughtful rituals are thought to be part of the reason their relationships last so long.
Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of winter while experiencing your own grace, beauty, and elegance  through a calm, self-possessed, positive mind.. The Snow Ritual is an uplifting, clean floral fragrance that includes mood elevating Monarda, Rhododendron, and Jasmine Sambac. A touch of Yuzu and White Pine will lift your spirts and relive stress during the cold winter months. As you go about your ritual, feel happy and at peace with yourself. Know that you are radiant, graceful, beautiful and elegant.
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