The Summer Breeze Ritual

Cooling & Refreshing

"A fresh, feminine, cooling fragrance that evokes the relaxed elegance of a summer's evening .  -Francoise Decatrel 

Seasonal Limited Edition Summer 2015 

   Fragrance Type: Fresh 

The Summer Breeze Ritual tells the story of "Yusuzumi" - Japanese for enjoying the cool of the evening after a hot summer's day.

Japan's summers are notoriously hot and humid. During the evenings the air cools down a bit and everyone seems to relax and enjoy the reprieve from the hot sun and humidity. Even more so when there is a soft breeze. In Kyoto's historic Gion district one usually relaxes at the end of the day in a Japanese garden. Often this is done in beautiful gauze-like one layer kimono with a glass of iced green tea in hand. Wind chimes ring softly in the background, there is a faint smell of flowers on the refreshing breeze....... 


Allow the Summer Breeze Ritual to cool and refresh you any time of day with its reviving, fresh fragrance that includes organic lemon, lemongrass, spearmint, ylang ylang, and a touch of jasmine. Experience your own yusuzumi with this beautiful summer ritual.

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