Curated Rituals for Living

Below is a selection of our favorite rituals to make your day easier and more meaningful.

Amayori Curated Rituals For Living 1A ZEN MORNING

Keep Zen Morning Botanical Perfume Oil on your nightstand. Upon waking, roll a few circles on the wrists. With your eyes shut, breathe a few deep breaths, enjoy Zen Morning's fragrance, and envision a positive, prosperous day ahead.

Amayori Curated Rituals For Living 2MID DAY REJUVENATION

After lunch when you begin to feel tired, roll Rotenburo Air Botanical Perfume Oil onto your wrist. Alternatively, mist Rotenburo Air Aromatic Sake Mist into the air for yourself and others to enjoy.

Amayori Curated Rituals For Living 3TRANSITION INTO TIME AT HOME

When you come home from work in the evening, leave the cares of your day behind. Mist Ambrosial Ofuro Aromatic Sake Mist into the air or roll a bit of Ambrosial Ofuro Botanical Perfume Oil onto the wrist and behind the neck. This ritual will help you "stop" and get out of work mode while helping you define a new portion of your day. 

Amayori Dreams of GionCALM THE MIND BEFORE BED

Before you get into bed, mist the shoulders and your pillow with Dreams of Gion Aromatic Sake Mist. Take a moment to stop and breathe. Allow your thoughts to cease and you mind to wind down.