Getting Started

Welcome to the world of Amayori. These products and rituals create a space where you can slow down, take time for yourself, and reconnect with your true nature while experiencing the beauty of Japanese bathing and wellness traditions.

Creating calmness through rituals of self-care will bring a sense of overall well-being to your life. Over time, this calmness becomes a lifestyle.

Just for a moment, let go of being busy… let go of stress. Whether you’re browsing our site, reading our journal, or using our products, when you're with us, relax and be still. Let these products and fragrances work their magic, as they are truly soul-shifting.

Simply Begin

Through fragrance, timeless Japanese botanicals, and the beauty of ritual, each collection (we call them Aromatic Journeys) will take you out of day-to-day life and into a world of beauty and tranquility.

If you’re new to Amayori and would like some guidance, we suggest starting off here:

  • Explore our Aromatic Journeys. Choose whichever collection meets your desired mood and captures your imagination. If you would like to sample our fragrances, we offer the Fragrance Sample Set.*
  • We recommend choosing products from a single fragrance collection, as this creates an immersive aromatic ritual where each product enhances the next.

*We are happy to include two complimentary fragrance samples with your purchase. If you’re ready to go ahead with our Ritual Discovery Set or any other product, we can include samples of two additional fragrances, if you desire.

Go Deeper

Each Aromatic Journey is laid out in steps. These are simply starting points. For more inspiration and ideas, take a look at our Ritual Guide. If you need help deciding on a soak, explore our Soak Guide.

If you need assistance creating a ritual to suit your needs, please contact us at