Our Approach to Fragrance

Amayori Luxury Aromatherapy

Our approach to fragrance is inspired by the Japanese art of mon-koh, or, listening to incense. This practice involves not just smelling a fragrance but appreciating it will all five sense while listening to the story it has to tell.
Each Amayori fragrance is guided by the Japanese fragrance atheistic and is carefully planned to bring the experience of Eastern beauty and ritual to you. This experince is two fold- on a level of scent and also on a level of aromatherapy.
Whenever you use one of Amayori’s products, we always suggest pausing for a moment, shutting your eyes, and taking a few deep breaths while focusing on the fragrance and hearing the story it brings to you.
Fragrance with Purpose
Amayori’s fragrances are comprised of rare and exotic essential oils from around the world. Each blend has a unique story to tell. Using only natural plant extracts and drawing on the wisdom of aromatherapy we bring you fragrance with purpose that will seduce the senses, ease the mind, body, and spirit, and take you on a journey East.