The Amayori Story

 "Inspired by the bathing rituals I experienced while traveling in Japan, I created Amayori as a way to help women easily bring inner peace and beauty into their lives through relaxing bathing rituals, gorgeous fragrance, and sumptuous body care.  Amayori is a way to relax and take time for yourself every day. These rituals and fragrances are made to be a lifestyle and an approach to a more tranquil and beautiful life. I welcome you to join me on my journey of making every moment as beautiful as possible."
-Francoise Decatrel


Our Story, Amayori

After years of working as a busy real estate agent in New York City, our founder Francoise Decatrel, took a journey to Japan searching for tranquility. What she found was a world full of beauty, ritual and mystery.
After a long day of sightseeing in Gion, an inn keeper told Francoise that she should try the facility’s onsen bath. The bath was in a beautiful, serene setting with a gorgeous view of the surrounding trees. Onsen baths draw their water from hot springs and are used for well being, relaxation, and enjoyment.  It was then that she was introduced to traditional Japanese bathing rituals.


Our Story, Kyoto, Amayori

In Japan, bathing is done with a meditative-like intention. Not only is one washing away the grime of the day, but one also washes away their cares and worries.
Prior to immersing herself in a fragrant hinoki cypress tub, Francoise was shown the ritual of cleansing before getting into the bath. The level of relaxation that she experienced was like nothing she had felt before. This was a moment that changed her life forever. She began to think how wonderful it would be to have this same experience at home. She also knew that bathing rituals could be so much to so many. Bathing and enjoying fragrance with intention is the perfect way for women to deeply relax on a daily basis. Francoise began to think about how this could intertwine with her long-time passion for natural fragrance and traditional Japanese skincare ingredients. A beautiful notion came to her and it was then that Amayori was born – luxury bath, body care and fragrance inspired by the beauty of Japanese bathing rituals. 


Our Story, Our Name, Amayori
Our name comes from a memory of a romantic Sunday evening stroll among the unusually quiet, misty streets of Akasaka, Tokyo. Amayori is a combination of two Japanese names - Amaya (night rain) and Kaori (beautifully scented).


Amayori, Our Story

I love helping women relax. After years of trying to fit myself into jobs I didn't resonate with, I decided to follow my heart and passion. What I have always enjoyed most and excelled at best is the art of relaxing. The next step in my personal journey was figuring out a way to bring that to others. Amayori is my answer. 
I strive to make every moment as beautiful as possible. I am passionate about the sense of smell, luxurious bath and body care, and believe that both can be life changing. I created these rituals and each product as a way to bring beauty and tranquility into my life and yours. I hope that every time you use one of our products, even if just for a moment, you are able to experience the beauty and tranquility of the east.
Thank you for joining me on my journey.
With gratitude,