The Amayori Experience

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Escape to another world and unwind.
Sometimes nothing can be more relaxing or healing than stopping the mind of chatter and forgetting about your cares, even if it is just for a moment. By combining natural fragrance, story, imagery, and the mindful approach of Japanese bathing rituals, each one of Amayori’s products will take you on journey.
When browsing through our Aromatic Experiences you will find beautiful images as well as a story of the East that describes the inspiration, mood, and purpose of that particular fragrance. Each one of these stories is made to be a meditation and fragrant escape for the senses and the imagination.
Create your Ritual, Amayori

Make each experince with Amayori special. Remember, this is not just body care. Each moment with Amayori is a ritual. Follow these steps to take yourself out of the day-to-day and enter a world of beauty while using your Amayori products.

  • Set the Mood: Turn down the lights, play soft, meditative music if you desire. Perhaps slip on a robe that makes you feel beautiful. Do whatever makes you feel special.
  • Pause: Set your intention for this ritual, whether it be to relax, rejuvenate, and so on. Acknowledge that this time and space are unique and that this is a break from the outside world.
  • The Story: Read the story of the Aromatic Experience on the slip of rice paper that comes in each Amayori box. Shut your eyes and allow yourself to travel to a place of beauty. You can allow your imagination to create its own beautiful imagery or refer to the collection page of each Aromatic Experience on our site for imagery inspirations.
  • Linger: Allow yourself to linger in this place of beauty and tranquility. If thoughts creep up, just let them go and bring yourself back to your vision of relaxation. Allow yourself to rest here and completely forget about your cares of the day.