The Amayori Lifestyle

Amayori, Lifestyle

Amayori was created as a path to living a calm, fulfilled, balanced life. Inspired by the beauty and mindfulness of Japanese bathing rituals, we go beyond a line of products. This is about tranquil living. These rituals are about ending the glorification of being busy and stepping into a serene, beautiful world. Aromatic bath and body rituals are the perfect medium.

These rituals and products are not just about promoting soft skin or addressing physical concerns but about beauty from the inside out. Take a moment for yourself each day to nurture and connect with your soul.  These products and rituals are moments to look forward to - fragrant escapes to be cherished each day.


The bath and shower are perhaps the only places where we are guaranteed to be alone. Make this special. Make this your sanctuary. Create your own space of beauty so that when you enter it, you feel reprieve from the world and a sense of escape. Make your time here special and sacred. This place and time is about giving yourself much needed attention and treating yourself with respect and love. Keep our fragrances and products within reach. Aromatic Sake Mist is the perfect way to shift gears and instantly change your mood. Choose your fragrance as needed to create or enhance your emotions.

Amayori, Live A Beautiful Life

This world of beauty is meant to carry through your day. Take these treasures with you and use them as needed to stay grounded, peaceful and calm. Whether it be our Botanical Perfume Oil or Aromatic Sake Mist, use these as needed to connect with yourself and remind yourself of your inner peace and of your beauty. Life flows better when you know you have a way to relax and care for yourself each day. The more you take time to unwind, the more relaxed you’ll become. This is the beauty of the world of Amayori.