The Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil Ritual

Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil Ritual

Discover our latest creation, Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil.
Inspired by the beauty of Japanese bathing rituals, below is our favorite ritual using this new, otherworldly, ambrosial experience for the bath.
The Ritual
Step 1: Mist the atmosphere with Aromatic Sake Mist. Take a moment to shift gears. Breathe a few deep breaths and step out of the day to day. Connect with the Aromatic Experience by reading the story that comes on a slip of rice paper within each box. Allow your soul and senses to be taken on a journey.
Step 2: Dry brush to exfoliate. This will instantly soothe your mind while it softens your skin.
Step 3: Take a shower using Aromatic Body Wash and the Open Weave Washcloth. As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, the purpose of showering first is to cleanse the body before proceeding to the bath to soak.
Step 4: Prepare the bath. While your bath is filling up, take time to relax. Read, have a cup of tea, or listen to one of our Music Playlists.
Step 5: Pour one capful of Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil into the tub. Disperse evenly by using your hand to swish the water. 
Step 6: Slip into the bath. Breathe deeply here. Shut your eyes and relax. We suggest soaking for at least 30 minutes.
Step 7: When you exit the bath, get up slowly. Take a moment to ground yourself by drinking a glass of water. Pat skin dry with your towel- don't rub. Your skin will be  moisturized and dewy.
Step 8: Enjoy your newfound relaxation. Linger in this state of bliss.