Bedside Ritual Aromatherapy Perfume Oil SetBedside Ritual Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Set

Bedside Ritual Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Set

$ 125.00

A beautiful ritual to help you begin and end the day with aromatic, luxurious, fragrance. Containing two Aromatherapy Perfume Oils, begin your day with Zen Morning for Mindful Energy and wind down before bed with Dreams of Gion for peaceful, restorative sleep.

Each Bedside Ritual Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Set is presented in an elegant, black velvet drawstring pouch. Designed to be kept near your bedside and perfect for travel as well.

The Ritual: Upon waking, roll a few circles of Zen Morning on your wrists. Inhale with your eyes shut and enjoy. Choose to envision whatever inspires you. Allow this beautiful blend of exotic citruses and Japanese Mint to wake you up with subtle, mindful energy. At night, apply Dreams of Gion in the same manner. Let your mind relax and forget about the cares of the day. Hold an image in your mind that calms you while you enjoy the exotic scent of Yuzu and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Set Contents:

  • Zen Morning  Aromatherapy Perfume Oi  (Mindful Energy) - 10 ml
  • Dreams of Gion  Aromatherapy Perfume Oi (Peaceful, Restorative Sleep) - 10 ml

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