Sake Bath, Sake Soak, Dreams of Gion Aromatic Sake Soak, Amayori
Sake Bath, Sake Soak, Dreams of Gion Aromatic Sake Soak, Amayori

Dreams of Gion Aromatic Sake Soak

$ 32.00

One 3.3 fl oz bottle = One at-home spa treatment.

Aromatic Experience: Take your soul and senses on a journey to Gion and enjoy a relaxing evening soak at a beautiful Japanese inn. Experience calming of the mind and body, a sense of peace, ceasing of mental chatter, relief from stress, & peaceful restorative sleep.

The Fragrance: Japanese Yuzu relieves stress and will help you relax. Green, Yellow Mandarin and Lavender will help calm the mind. Ylang Ylang oil evokes the mystery of the night while bringing about a peaceful sleep. As you begin to wind down, look forward to sweet dreams ahead. In addition, lush Ylang Ylang hydrosol relaxes the mind a body while relieving stress.

The Product: Experience spa-level relaxation and rejuvenation at home with this intense aromatic treatment for the body, mind, and spirit. The Aromatic Sake Soak is an otherworldly experience. This uniquely indulgent bathing ritual is comprised of a 100% natural synergy of fragrant, vibrational, healing aromatic hydrosols, skin softening sake, organic shiso seed oil, organic camellia oil, rice bran oil, green tea botanical extract, and the most exquisite essential oils in the world. This is the soak to choose when you want to treat yourself to something extra special.

The Ritual: Pause, shut your eyes, and set your intention for this ritual. As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first. The soak is purely for enjoyment and relaxation. When the tub is full, gently shake one bottle of Aromatic Sake Soak and slowly pour the entire contents into the tub. We suggest soaking for 30 minutes. When exiting the tub, get up slowly. Pat skin dry (don’t rub). Your skin will be lightly moisturized and dewy. Be sure to stay hydrated while soaking and drink a full glass of water upon exiting the bath. This is a soak for all seasons. Use warmer water during cooler months and lukewarm water during the warmer months. 

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