Luxury Body Wash, Shower Mochi, Dreams of Gion Perfect Pair Shower Set, Amayori

Dreams Of Gion Perfect Pair Shower Set

$ 50.00

Experience: Calming of the mind and body, a sense of peace, ceasing of mental chatter, relief from stress, peaceful restorative sleep.

The Fragrance: Inspired by a blissful evening soak in one of Gion's traditional Japanese innsJapanese yuzu citrus relieves stress and will help you relax. Green, yellow mandarin and wild lavender will help calm the mind while exotic ylang ylang oil evokes the mystery of the night while bringing about a peaceful sleep.

The Products: Take time for yourself with a grouping of two of our favorite products designed to give you the perfect at-home spa shower experience. Begin your shower with lush, SLS-free and highly aromatic Luxury Body Wash. Finish by relaxing and breathing deeply with our bestselling Shower Mochi - truly a perfect pair. 

Set Contents:

Dreams Of Gion Shower Mochi - 3 Pack

Dreams Of Gion Luxury Body Wash  - 118 ml

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