Fragrance Sample Set

Fragrance Sample Set

$ 15.00

We understand that scent is a very personal choice. To help you explore our fragrances we are pleased to offer our Fragrance Sample Set.

The Fragrance Sample Set Contents:

Tester vials of our 6 core fragrances in a grapeseed oil base. 

  • The Geisha Ritual (Strength & Self Possession)
  • Dreams of Gion (Peaceful, Restorative Sleep)
  • Ambrosial Ofuro (Everyday Relaxation)
  • Hinoki Onsen (Deep, Meditative Relaxation)
  • Zen Morning (Mindful Energy)
  • Rotenburo Air (Rejuvenation)

Our Fragrance Sample Set is a wonderful way to acquaint yourself with Amayori and our unique approach to aromatherapy.

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