Hinoki Onsen Sea Of Japan Mineral Soak, Amayori

Hinoki Onsen Sea Of Japan Mineral Soak

$ 65.00

Four 4-ounce individual use packages

Aromatic Experience: Take your soul and senses on a journey to Japan and enjoy the beauty of an otherworldly soak in a majestic Japanese hinoki cypress bath. Experience deep, meditative relaxation, euphoria, decompression of the body and mind, and release of stored tension.

The Fragrance: Japanese hinoki cypress essential oil promotes relaxation while alluring rosewood relaxes and revitalizes. Refreshing, exotic jasmine sambac and red mandarin will elevate your mood and soothe your spirit.

The Product: Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing, aromatic, mineral rich, soak derived from the Sea of Japan. This is the soak to choose when you are experiencing emotional stress or have tension in your body and need to relax and release stiff, sore, tired muscles. Reach for this soak when you need that extra something to take the edge off. The Sea of Japan Mineral Soak will bring about a state of deep physical and emotional relaxation.

Hon (true) Nigari is a product of sea water and is created during the sea salt drying process. The most superior of these nutrient rich crystalline flakes are 99.9 % magnesium chloride. Magnesium is THE relaxation mineral. It is an antidote for mental and physical tension that can unwind and relax even the tightest muscles while it decompresses and calms the mind. Kombu, a nourishing sea vegetable harvested off the coast of Hokkaido, infuses the body with a myriad of essential minerals while it promotes detoxification. Slip into the bath, breathe deeply, allow tension to leave your body while you experience the healing, transformational beauty of the Sea of Japan.

The Ritual: Pause, shut your eyes, and set your intention for this ritual. As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first. This bath is for pure enjoyment and relaxation. Once the bath is full pour the contents of one packet and soak for at least 30 minutes.  Shut your eyes, relax and breathe deeply. Let your mind drift and allow all tension to leave your body. Do not rinse off after the bath as it is beneficial to allow the nutrients and minerals to remain on the skin. Exit the bath slowly and drink a glass of water to ground yourself.

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