Aromatic Well-Being Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Set, Amayori

Holiday Limited Edition: Aromatic Well-Being Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Set

$ 175.00

Our Aromatherapy Perfume Oil  is a highly concentrated aromatherapy treatment for the pulse-points which doubles as a 100% natural perfume in a base of luscious organic camellia oil. Our Aromatherapy Perfume Oils are the perfect way to instantly change your mood and have an aromatic experience as needed.

Enjoy three of our best-sellers that will guide and support you through a beautiful, calm, grounded day.

Contains three .35 fl oz bottles in each of the following fragrances:

Zen Morning - Mindful Energy (use in the morning or anytime you need energy).

Ambrosial Ofuro - Daily Relaxation (use whenever you need to relax)

Dreams of Gion  - Peaceful, Restorative Sleep (use to quiet the mind in the evening before bed).

The Ritual: Roll onto the pulse points as needed as well as behind the neck and across the collar bone. Take a moment to breathe in and experince the aromatherapy fragrance. 

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