Limited Edition: The Snow Onsen Winter Essentials Set

Limited Edition: The Snow Onsen Winter Essentials Set

$ 115.00

Aromatic Experience: Take your soul and senses on a journey and be transported to a winter outdoor onsen bath among the falling snow. Experience inner peace, tranquility, calm, stillness, and a quiet mind.

The Fragrance: Aromatic Siberian Fir captures the scent of crisp winter air and brings a sense of stillness and inner peace. Organic white pine brings the scent of lush forest evergreens while it calms and expands the mind.  Exotic hinoki cypress oil portrays the scent of the Japanese bath and helps promote deep relaxation. Wild orange and tangerine provide a cheerful citrus note that brightens even the coldest winter. Lush, French geranium bourbon adds a touch of femininity and mystery.

Celebrate the beauty of winter and experience the inner peace of a onsen bath among the snow with our seasonal must-haves.

The Winter Essentials Set Includes:

Snow Onsen Aromatic Body Wash - 4 fl oz

Snow Onsen Aromatic Sake Mist - 1.7 fl oz

Snow Onsen Hikaru Multi-Use Oil - 1.7 fl oz

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