Luxury Bath Salt Variety Set
Luxury Bath Salts, Amayori

Luxury Bath Salt Variety Set

$ 80.00

567 grams /  5 four ounce singel use packages

A fragrant, detoxifying, mineral rich bath treatment inspired by the Japanese Onsen (therapeutic hot springs). Our Luxury Bath Salts are comprised of a selection of 100% natural ingredients from around the globe including a base of multiple skin softening salts, including those from the Israeli Dead Sea and exotic pink salt from the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayan mountains. Organic Atlantic sea kelp promotes detoxification while green tea nourishes the skin and provides anti-aging benefits

The Luxury Bath Salt Variety Set contains one pouch of each of our five bath salt fragrances:

Ambrosial Ofuro - Daily Relaxation

Dreams of Gion  - Peaceful, Restorative Sleep

Hinoki Onsen - Deep, Meditative Relaxation

Rotenburo Air - Rejuvenation 

The Geisha Ritual - Strength & Self-Possession

The Ritual: Shower first and cleanse your body. This bath is for pure enjoyment and relaxation. Once the bath is full pour the contents of one packet and soak for at least 20 minutes.  Shut your eyes, relax and breathe deeply. Let your mind drift and allow yourself to feel your body adjusting beautifully. Be sure to remain hydrated by drinking water throughout and after the bath. Since this soak is extremely detoxifying, we suggest rinsing the body with cool or tepid water prior to exiting the bath.

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