Move: A Limited Edition Pre & Post Workout Set

Move: A Limited Edition Pre & Post Workout Set

$ 70.00

Two 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz Bottles

This limited edition set contains two Aromatic Sake Mists that are to be used before and after your workout.

Zen Morning will bring you mindful energy, inspiration, happiness, and invigoration. Key essential oils include organic Italian blood orange, bitter orange, lime, and a touch of Japanese mint.

Rotenburo Air will rejuvenate, revive, uplift, replenish and is quenching to the mind, body, and spirit. Key essential oils include Japanese yuzu, wild orange, organic white pine, Omani white frankincense, and monarda flower.

The Product: Instantly feel a difference in your mood with this fragrant multi-use 100% natural infusion for the body, home, and atmosphere.

The Ritual:  Before your workout, mist your shoulder, back of the neck, upper arms, abdomen - anywhere that feels good (avoiding the face), with Zen Morning. Take a moment to breath, shut your eyes, envision your goals and set your intentions. After your workout, mist again with Rotenburo Air for rejuvenation. Allow yourself to relax, breath, enjoy, and thank your body and mind for a job well done.

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