Seasonal Limited Edition - Cherry Blossom Spring Showers Set

Seasonal Limited Edition - Cherry Blossom Spring Showers Set

$ 35.00

Experience: Happiness, bliss, joy, and a mindful sense of celebrating the beauty of life.

The Fragrance: Using 100% natural plant oils and extractions Cherry Blossom is a blend of rare ingredients including beautifully fragrant Tuberose, mood elevating Jasmine Grandiflorum, and peaceful Australian Sandalwood.  The result is a seductive feminine scent with light fruity top notes, gorgeous floral middle notes and sweet, sultry vanilla and amber base notes. 

Set Contents:

Cherry Blossom Shower Mochi - Three 1.4 oz tablets

Aromatic Body Wash - 2 fl oz

The Ritual: For an at-home spa experience, simply place a Shower Mochi tablet on the shower floor about an inch away from the direct stream of water. Allow the shower to fill up with the beautiful scent of our aromatherapy blends. Stop, breathe, and enjoy. Shower Mochi is about relaxation and connecting with yourself through gorgeous aromatherapy fragrance. Take as much time as you can. Use the Aromatic Body Wash after Shower Mochi and enjoy a shower full of fragrance.

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