Amayori Okinawa Shower Mochi Unwrapped
Amayori Okinawa Shower Mochi Unwrapped

Seasonal Limited Edition - Okinawa Shower Mochi

$ 21.00

Three 40 gram tablets

Available for a limited time. 

Take a break and turn your shower into an exotic summer spa experience.

An aromatherapy blend for summer relaxation, Okinawa captures the tranquility of a summer evening on the beautiful Okinawa Island. Top notes of lemongrass touch on the refreshment and happiness of a day filled with sand, sun and water. Organic coconut, exotic jasmine, and organic gardenia enflleurage blend seamlessly to capture the alluring scent of the tropics and mystery of the evening. Lingering warmth on the skin from a day in the sun are conveyed through sultry amber and vanilla base notes. 

Shower Mochi is the shower alternative to a luxurious, fragrant bath. For an at-home spa experience, simply place a Shower Mochi tablet on the shower floor about an inch away from the direct stream of water. Allow the shower to fill up with the beautiful scent of our aromatherapy blends. Stop, breath, relax. Take as much time as you can and enjoy the moment.

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