Amayori Autumn Leaves Ritual Koyo Luxury Set

Seasonal Limited Edition - The Autumn Leaves Ritual "Koyo" Luxury Set

$ 115.00

Available for a limited time. The Autumn Leaves Ritual celebrates "Koyo" or, the Japanese tradition of "color hunting" for beautiful fall foliage.


The Autumn Leaves Ritual is a 100% natural aromatherapy blend for happiness and contentment. A gorgeous, alluring, classic fragrance with ingredients inspired by the colors of Kyoto’s fall foliage. Ingredients include red, yellow, and green mandarin top notes with feminine geranium and jasmine middle notes. The fragrance is completed with warm and velvety sandalwood and amyris base notes.


Set Contents:

Autumn Leaves Shower Mochi - 3 Pack

Autumn Leaves Shower Gel - 2 fl oz

Autumn Leaves Mood Spray - 2 fl oz

Autumn Leaves Hikaru Multi-Use Oil - 2 fl oz


Take a journey through historic Kyoto on a stunning fall day. Allow yourself to feel happiness, contentment, and comfort during this beautiful time of year.



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