Seasonal Limited Edition - Autumn Leaves Mood Spray

Seasonal Limited Edition - Autumn Leaves Mood Spray

$ 29.00

Available for a limited time. The Autumn Leaves Ritual celebrates "Koyo" or, the Japanese tradition of "color hunting" for beautiful fall foliage.


The Autumn Leaves Ritual is a 100% natural aromatherapy blend for happiness and contentment. A gorgeous, alluring fragrance with ingredients inspired by the colors of Kyoto’s fall foliage. Ingredients include red, yellow, and green mandarin top notes with feminine geranium and jasmine middle notes. The fragrance is completed with warm and velvety sandalwood and amyris base notes.


Mood Spray is a multi-use aromatic experience for the body, home or atmosphere and is designed to evoke your fragrance ritual experience. Mood Spray is the perfect way to create beauty wherever you are. A mix of our 100% natural luxury aromatherapy blends in a base of purified water and skin softening sake. Perfect for use as a body spray and as a refreshing spray for use on the shoulders, arms, and collar bone. Also for use as a linen / pillowspray, or as a way to make your atmosphere more beautiful.


2 fl oz


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Sake, 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend that includes: Citrus reticulata var mandarin (red, yellow, & green mandarin peel), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Jasmine grandiflorum (Jasmin), and Santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood) 

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