The Summer Essentials Set, Kyoto Summer, Amayori

Seasonal Limited Edition: The Summer Essentials Set

$ 115.00

Experience: Evoke a journey to an exotic summer in Kyoto. Refreshment, relaxation, calm, and reprieve from summer heat. 

The Fragrance: Fresh, light, and feminine. Sparkling lemon verbena will revive you while crystalline lavender maillette will calm your mind. Petitgrain sur fleurs lends a refreshing breeze-like quality. Soft, subtle vanilla and ylang ylang notes add a touch of exotic mystery Kyoto is known for.

Celebrate the beauty of summer and experience the mystery of Kyoto with our summer essentials.

The Summer Essentials Set Includes:

Kyoto Summer Aromatic Body Wash - 4 fl oz

Kyoto Summer Aromatic Sake Mist - 1.7 fl oz

Kyoto Summer Hikaru Multi-Use Oil - 1.7 fl oz

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