Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual Hikaru Oil

Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual Hikaru Oil

$ 55.00

Seasonal Limited Edition For Winter 2015

2 fl oz

Relax and revive your senses while enveloping your skin in sensuous, healing, nourishing moisture.

Hikaru means “radiance” or “light”. Hikaru Oil is inspired by the traditional beauty oils of Japan's Geisha who are known for their soft, flawless skin. For centuries Geisha have used camellia oil and rice bran oil in their skin care regimens. Camellia oil is prized for it's anti-aging properties while rice bran oil keeps the skin clear of dark spots and imperfections. We have combined both oils with light, yet nourishing coconut oil. The result is a 100% natural luxury body oil that can also be used  for bath, shower, and hair. 

Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of winter while experiencing your grace, beauty, and elegance through a calm, self-possessed, positive mind. The Snow Ritual is an uplifting, clean floral fragrance that includes mood elevating Monarda, Rhododendron, and Jasmine Sambac. A touch of Yuzu and White Pine will lift your spirits and relive stress during the cold winter months. 

For Body: After you have taken a shower or bath your skin is craving moisture. Place a small amount in your palms and begin massaging at the collar bone and shoulders and work your way down to the feet. Take time where you need it most - rough patches or perhaps sore muscles. Breath in and enjoy our exotic aromatherapy fragrances.

For Bath: Before getting into the bath drizzle 12-15 pumps (or more if desired) in a full tub of water. Soak for at least 15 minutes. You can also add a few pumps to  a bath of our Fragrance Ritual Bath Salts for the ultimate luxurious bathing experience.

For Shower: Prior to getting in the shower place a small amount of oil into your palms and massage into the skin beginning at the collar bone and shoulders and work your way down to the feet. Slowly work your way up to the back of the neck. Breath and take your time.

For Hair: Place a few small drops in the palms and rub them together. Slide over damp or dry hair focusing on the ends. 

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