Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual Luxury Bath Salts

Seasonal Limited Edition: The Snow Ritual Luxury Bath Salts

$ 59.00

Twenty ounces (five single-use 4 ounce packs per box)

Indulge your body, mind, and spirit while you deeply relax with a languorous bath. 

Amayori's Fragrance Ritual Luxury Bath Salts are inspired by the Japanese Onsen, or therapeutic hot springs. In addition to multiple skin softening salts, including those from the Dead Sea and the Desert, we add Sea Kelp which is used to promote detoxification when combined with warm water.

Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of winter while experiencing your own grace, beauty, and elegance through a calm, self-possessed, positive mind. The Snow Ritual is an uplifting, clean floral fragrance that includes mood elevating Monarda, Rhododendron, and Jasmine Sambac. A touch of Yuzu and White Pine will lift your spirits and relive stress during the cold winter months. 

A long soak in a hot bath is the core of our bathing and beauty philosophy. Bathing in Japan is done for enjoyment. Separate from cleansing, bathing is considered a way to calm the mind, cleanse the soul and revive the body. 

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