Amayori Summer Breeze Ritual Yusuzumi Essentials Set

Seasonal Limited Edition - The Summer Breeze Ritual "Yusuzumi" Summer Essentials Set

$ 99.00

Available for a limited time. The Summer Breeze Ritual allows you to experience "Yusuzumi"  - Japanese for enjoying the cool of the evening after a hot summer's day. Our Yusuzumi Summer Essentials set includes essentials from the Summer Breeze collection and will allow you to stay cool and refreshed all summer long while evoking a soft Kyoto breeze in Japanese garden.


Set Contents:

Summer Breeze Shower Mochi  - Package of 3

Summer Breeze Perfume Oil - .35 fl oz

Summer Breeze Shower Gel - 1.7 fl oz

Summer Breeze Mood Spray - 1.7 fl oz


Allow the Summer Breeze Ritual to cool and refresh you any time of day with its reviving, fresh fragrance that includes organic lemon, lemongrass, spearmint, ylang ylang, and a touch of jasmine. Experience your own yusuzumi with this beautiful summer ritual.


Click here to learn more about the Summer Breeze  Ritual

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