Japanese Bath Salts, Luxury Bath Salts, Luxurious Bath Salts, Amayori,  Ambrosial Ofuro Daily Transformation Soaking Salts, Hinoki Bath Salts
Japanese Bath Salts, Amayori, Luxury Bath Salts, Hinoki Bath Salts, Daily Transformation Soaking Salts, Ambrosial Ofuro, Amayori
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The Daily Transformation Soaking Salts - Ambrosial Ofuro

The Daily Transformation Soaking Salts - Ambrosial Ofuro

$ 80.00

Take a sensorial journey to Japan and escape from a busy day. Allow yourself to be transported to a hinoki ofuro bath where your surroundings are serene and peaceful. Experience relaxation, lightheartedness, euphoria, tranquility, bliss, and happiness.

A luscious nectar-like fragrance, euphoric galangal and relaxing hinoki cypress soothe your cares away. A touch of ylang ylang calms the mind while tranquil champaca rests beautifully on serene Siam wood.

15 oz (10+ soaks per jar)

In Japan, bathing is considered a daily wellness practice and is an essential way to quickly transform your mood and transition from the workday into time at home. Though a long bath is always ideal, sometimes all that is needed is a 15-minute soak to help you shift gears and leave the cares of your day behind.

It is this casual manner of the evening bath that inspires The Daily Transformation Soaking Salts. These sumo-size jars of aromatic, luxurious bath salts are a celebration of effortless daily relaxation and the concept of mui – a state of non-action and natural calmness that is in harmony with our true nature.

In a base of mineral-rich salts, blended with skin-soothing, gently detoxifying Japanese arame seaweed and restorative Japanese sencha green tea, the focus of The Daily Transformation Soaking Salts is on experiencing calmness and renewal through botanical fragrance.

To use, simply add two handfuls of salts into the bath and soak for 15 minutes. Allow your body and mind to shift gears and decompress while your soul is transported to Japan. You can use the story that comes on a slip of rice paper in each box as a meditative escape allowing yourself to linger in a place of beauty. Breathe deeply and let each care and worry melt away as you experience the beauty of the Japanese bath.

As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first. This bath is for pure enjoyment & relaxation. Once the bath is full, pour in two generous handfuls & soak for at least 15 minutes. Shut your eyes, relax, & breathe deeply. Be sure to remain hydrated by drinking water throughout and after the bath.

Sodium chloride (Dead Sea salt), Sea salt (Pacific), *Camellia sinensis (sencha green tea), Eisenia bicyclis (arame seaweed), Calcium carbonate, Chamaecyparis obtusa (hinoki) essential oil, *Fokienia hodginsii (Siam wood) essential oil, Kaempferia galanga L. (galangal) extract, Michelia champaca (champaca) extract, fragrance (essential oils & extracts)

*certified organic / **wild crafted


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