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The Three Baths Aromatic Sake Soak Set

$ 85.00

Three 100 ml / 3.3 fl oz bottles

One bottle = One at-home spa treatment.

A truly magical synergy, the Aromatic Sake Soak is a soak to savor and enjoy. This is not just a bath, but is the ultimate luxurious at-home spa treatment for unparalleled relaxation. Each single-use bottle contains a 100% natural base of pure sake and organic hydrosol. Hydrosols are a fragrant product of steam distilling specific flowers and plants. Not only do they add a luscious fragrant depth to the bath, but each one possesses its own unique aromatherapy properties that work on a subtle energetic level. Green tea botanical extract provides anti-aging benefits while a touch of organic camellia oil and rice bran oil add a sheer veil of moisture to the skin.

The Fragrances: The Three Baths is a grouping of aromatic experiences  who's fragrances are inspired by traditional Japanese bathing rituals. Each scent transports you to a different encounter: an indoor hinoki cypress wood bath, a mountainside, open-air bath, and a serene deep-soaking hinoki tub.

Rotenburo Air (Rejuvenation) - Inspired by Japan's beautiful outdoor baths.

Hinoki Onsen (Deep, Meditative Relaxation) - Inspired by Japan's fragrant hinoki wood hot springs baths.

Ambrosial Ofuro (Everyday Relaxation) - Inspired by the deep soaking fragrant hinoki wood tubs that grace traditional Japanese homes and inns.

The Ritual: As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first. The soak is purely for enjoyment and relaxation. When the tub is full, gently shake one bottle of Aromatic Sake Soak and slowly pour the entire contents into the tub. We suggesting soaking for 30 minutes. When exiting the tub, get up slowly. Pat skin dry (don’t rub). Your skin will be lightly moisturized and dewy. Be sure to stay hydrated while soaking and drink a full glass of water upon exiting the bath.

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