Zen Morning Aromatic Sake Mist, Amayori

Zen Morning Aromatic Sake Mist

$ 70.00

100 ml | 3.3 fl oz

Aromatic Experience: Evoke a journey to rural Japan and enjoy a quiet morning soak in beautiful onsen bath. Experience mindful energy, inspiration, happiness, and refreshment.

The Fragrance: A fresh and uplifting blend that includes Sicilian blood orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, and lime. A touch of invigorating Japanese mint and black pepper bring energy and expansion.

The Product: Instantly feel a difference in your mood with this fragrant multi-use infusion for the shower, body, home, and atmosphere in a base of skin softening sake.

The Ritual: Pause, shut your eyes, and set your intention for this ritual. As an aromatic body spray, mist all over your body after your bath or shower. Perfect for layering with our Hikaru Multi-Use Oil. As a shower mist, shake well and mist into the steam of the shower, shoulders and collarbone and  allow the steam to create a luxurious aromatic experience. Aromatic Sake Mist is perfect for keeping at bath-side. Simply mist your shoulders when you need to feel refreshed. Use throughout the day as a relaxing spray for the neck and shoulders. Allow the fragrance to envelope your senses. Breathe deeply and be in the moment. 

Also for use in the home, Aromatic Sake Mist can be used as a room spray, pillow spray, and linen spray. Aromatic Sake Mist is also known to dot desks and offices and is perfect for a mid-day refresher.

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