Zen Morning Perfect Pair Shower Set, Amayori

Zen Morning Perfect Pair Shower Set

$ 50.00

Experience: Mindful energy, inspiration, happiness, and refreshment.

The Fragrance: Inspired by the perfect morning enjoying an asa-buro or, morning bath, during a moment of solitude at a traditional Kyoto inn. A fresh and uplifting blend that includes uplifting Sicilian blood orange, bitter orange grapefruit and lime. A touch of invigorating Japanese mint and black pepper bring energy and expansion.

The Product: Take time for yourself with a grouping of two of our favorite products designed to give you the perfect at-home spa shower experience. Begin your shower with lush, SLS-free and highly aromatic Luxury Body Wash. Finish by relaxing and breathing deeply with our bestselling Shower Mochi - truly a perfect pair. 

Set Contents:

Zen Morning Shower Mochi - 3 Pack

Zen Morning Luxury Body Wash  - 118 ml