Luxury Fragrance Diffuser, Amayori

Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser - Black

$ 80.00

Step away from synthetic fragrance and experience the beauty and healing value of diffusing 100% natural essential oil fragrance throughout your home.

Our Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser produces a fine ultrasonic mist that effectively disperses essential oil fragrance into the air without using damaging heat. This diffuser has an elegant ceramic minimal design and exudes a stream of mist which is soothing and meditative to watch.

To use, simply fill the water compartment and add 10-15 drops of any one of our Home Essences.

No batteries necessary as this plugs into the wall. Each diffuser will fragrance a large sized room. There two settings on this diffuser: it can run continuously for three hours or six hours in thirty second intervals. We love the interval setting as it provides bursts of gorgeous fragrance. Once the diffuser is out of water it will stop running. Full directions included.

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