Amayori Cherry Blossom Ritual Hikaru Luxury Body Oil

Seasonal Limited Edition: Cherry Blossom Hikaru Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil

$ 55.00

Available for a limited time. Cherry Blossom celebrates the happiness of the warmer months and is a reminder of life's fleeting beauty. With notes of Tuberose, Green Mandarin, and Vanilla, Cherry Blossom is a feminine, slightly fruity floral with seductive base notes that captures the essence of the cherry blossoms and exudes joy and happiness. 

Hikaru means “radiance” or “light” and is inspired by the traditional beauty oils of Japan's Geisha. Geisha are known for their soft, flawless skin. For centuries they have used anti-aging camellia oil and rice bran oil in their skin care regimens. We have combined both oils with light, yet nourishing coconut oil and healing, anti-aging sea buckthorn oil. The result is a 100% natural multi-use oil that can be used for body, bath, shower, and hair.

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