The Fragrances

Our approach to fragrance is inspired by the Japanese art of mon-koh, or, listening to incense. This practice involves not just smelling a fragrance but appreciating it will all five sense while listening to the story it has to tell.

Each fragrance collection has a purpose and tells a story. These stories are designed to help you connect with each fragrance and are an escape, journey, and meditation for the mind, body, and spirit.

When choosing a fragrance, explore the scent that meets your desires whether it be better sleep, deep relaxation, and so on. Let your intuition guide you and explore the stories that you instantly gravitate towards.

If you would prefer to shop by fragrance type, please explore our Scent Guide.

Ambrosial Ofuro, Amayori

Amayori Dreams of Gion

Amayori Hinoki Onsen

Rotenburo Air, Amayori

Amayori Geisha Ritual

Amayori Zen Morning