Rotenburo Air


Rotenburo (pronounced row-ten-bu-ro) are Japanese open air baths that are beautifully situated outdoors, often with stunning views. Rotenburo translates to "a bath amid the dew under the open sky." When one slides into a rotenburo, they are immediately connected with the nature that surrounds them. The warm water, the sky, the trees, the fresh air - all becomes one and life’s cares and worries are quickly forgotten.

Rotenburo Air is an aromatic journey for rejuvenation that captures the feeling of a deep breath of fresh air while soaking in a mountainside rotenburo bath. Gorgeous Japanese yuzu citrus relaxes and brings positivity to the body and mind while wild orange replenishes, revives, and uplifts. A refreshing mix of conifers such as organic white pine and organic balsam fir refresh and revitalize. A touch of monarda flower relieves stress and promotes positivity while the finest white frankincense from Oman reduces tension and encourages deep breathing.

Allow Rotenburo Air to transport you to a Japanese bath under the open sky while you recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

All the products in this collection work beautifully on their own, or together as a sensorial ritual. Each aromatic treasure enhances the next, creating an immersive experience that will nurture your skin, soul, and senses.